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You’re more than the fighter the world sees.

Away from the spotlight, you’ve put in the time and work to be where you are today.

And here, you’ll find gear made to fit you.

In the ring or in life.

UFC manifesto
UFC manifesto

Gear for the ring and life

Style. Versatile. For your every purpose.


For life inside and outside the ring.

Ready to rock with just one zip and I run a 1000 miles after this.

Backstory: I saw an Instagram ad and bought some shorts from Thousand Miles to give them a shot. They’re dope! A year later, stoked to partner up with them and excited to put their products to the test with Fight Training and Family Lifestyle.

UFC Testimonial BG
UFC Testimonial BG
  • Cameron Else
  • Casey Kenny
  • Sean Woodson
  • Chris Gutierrez
  • Ian Heinisch
  • Christian Aguilera
  • Alexander Hernandez
  • Thousand Miles keeps me looking fresh in and outside of the gym.

  • A clothing brand that keeps up with you!

  • Casual or athletic, Thousand Miles has you covered with the latest styles.

  • Whether you’re in the gym, or out and about living your life, wear clothes that fit your lifestyle with Thousand Miles.

  • Style over everything. Thank you Thousand Miles for keeping me feeling good while working out.

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